20 Years of Natural Body Care Making!

Hello 🙂 I just realized the other day that I’ve been making natural beauty products for 20 years this month! Time really does go by way too fast! Over the last 20 years my partner and I have moved 5 times, had 2 beautiful kids, changed careers, changed cities but along the way making natural beauty products has remained a constant in my life.

Along the way, I’ve also learned to keep it simple – in the beginning I had way too many supplies! And that is not a good thing when you move often. Also, I tried making all the recipes at once in the few natural cosmetic making books I managed to find at my local Coles book store. Actually, I found one book and had to special order the other three.


There weren’t any recipes online back 1998! And there weren’t any recipes in my books for bath bombs at all. They were still a fairly new concept – in our small town anyways. So…I played around with ingredients which included full out guessing at the ingredients!

All I knew is that they contained baking soda and citric acid but I had no idea what the proportions were. Trust me, the first few attempts were fairly catastrophic! From uncontrollable and unrecognizable fizzing blobs, to dry & crumbly morsels that fell apart when picked up.

Finding moulds was yet another challenge! There weren’t any!

So to make a long story short, I condensed my natural beauty making supplies into an amount that will fit in a kitchen drawer so I always have them handy and they don’t end up at the back of a storage unit. Even when we moved into a newly build Vancouver townhouse and the cupboards were so small there wasn’t room for anything – my supplies still got a drawer. My pots and pans just had to be stored in the oven!


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