Hippie Child

landscape-nature-forest-trees.jpgOk. So technically I’m not a hippie, not from the 60’s generation anyways. But I am an offspring from that generation. Born in 1974 to be exact – to a long haired guitar player and a Californian surfer. At least I was told my dad was a surfer. My mom’s baby sister, who was only 14 years older than me, would tell me wonderful stories about him. What a good cook he was, how funny he was, tall and blond with aquamarine eyes….
You see, my parents had drifted apart before I was born so it was just me and my mom in the small lakeside town of Vernon, BC Canada; population less than 15 thousand back in ’74. I was born on a cold February morning at sunrise. My mom named me Jennifer Sunrise. And yes, Jennifer was after Donovan’s 1968 hit “Jennifer Juniper.”
So my mom found a wood cabin to rent for $50/month on a shared two acre gated “cabin community.” The land was left natural and it was an amazing place to call home for 9 years. This is where my love and appreciation for nature was born.
I grew up amongst wild flowers, knew all the bird species, watched tadpoles grow into frogs and climbed trees. When I was two, unbeknownst to my family, I renamed myself Nina. And my mom being so cool, was ok with that. She then proceeded to teach me everything she knew about gardening and preparing everything from scratch. Life was peaceful and sweet.


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