Rosemary Infused Oil


My fresh rosemary has been picked and set out to dry. It’s already been well washed because it’s been raining for several months straight! I will be making the infused oil tomorrow. In the meantime, my kitchen smells fantastic!

Rosemary has anti-inflammatory properties and may help reduce headaches, clear acne, reduce muscle pain, soothe and speed healing of eczema/psoriasis, clear dandruff and stimulate hair to grow long and strong.

Herb infused oil can be used in massage oils, salves, lip balm, lotion bars, lotions and hair preparations.

It’s one of my family’s favorite all around skin tonics.


The next day:

The fresh rosemary has wilted for a day to remove some of the moisture; this helps prevent spoiling. Completely dried herbs can be used as well.

The rosemary has been cut into smaller pieces and put into a glass jar. I covered the herbs with a carrier oil – plus an extra inch so they are good and covered. A good choice for a carrier oil is organic extra virgin olive oil and/or Jojoba Oil because of their long shelf life. Other oils that could be used include almond, grapeseed, avocado, castor, sunflower and coconut or a blend of any of these.

Next, I stirred the rosemary and oil thoroughly together, capped tightly and set in a (hopefully) sunny window for 2 to 3 weeks. I will give the jar a gentle shake daily. I will post a photo of the lovely green oil in a few weeks. You’ll just have to take my word on how wonderful it’s going to smell.😊

Almost 4 weeks later:

We’ve had some unexpectantly hot days for May in Vancouver BC, but being the coast, there’s been plenty of rainy days too. As a result, I’ve left my rosemary to infuse for almost 4 weeks. I gave it a gentle shake daily and periodically smelled it for the depth of scent I was going for. This morning the scent was achieved, so I strained the rosemary from the oil, pressing the herb to squeeze all the goodness out of it and into the infusion. This is best done with a cheesecloth so there isn’t any sediment in your oil. The result is a beautiful, rich earthy green colored oil that smells divine!

This Rosemary Infused Oil will make a healing salve for my daughter’s occasional eczema (when she consumes too much gluten) and lotion bars for my family’s achy muscles and feet. It can also be used full strength as a massage oil for achy muscles and massaged directly into the scalp to clear dandruff and stimulate hair growth. For scalp treatment, massage the Rosemary Infused Oil in and let it sit for 15 minutes or longer before thoroughly washing it out.

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