Rosemary Salve

A salve is a deeply moisturizing ointment made for healing the skin. A Rosemary Salve is used to rub into sore muscles, massage into your temples for headaches and to help heal psoriasis and eczema. Remember though, psoriasis and eczema are a sign of food allergies or an immune dysfunction so see a Naturopathic physician first and get to the root of the condition. Then make this healing salve to soothe the skin and speed healing.

The first step is to make a Rosemary Infused Oil using the solar method. This is done by setting oil (extra-virgin olive, avocado oil or jojoba oil) covered herbs in a sunny windowsill for several weeks. If you need your infused oil and salve sooner, or if you want to use coconut oil for your oil, which usually needs to be melted, you can gently heat the rosemary in the oil over low heat in a double boiler for 3 hours – until the oil is very green. Cool the infusion, then strain with a sieve and cheesecloth being careful to squeeze all the goodness out of the herbs.



1. Melt ingredients in a double boiler or in a 1 litre glass Pyrex measuring cup in a pan of water on medium heat. Stir occasionally until the last of the beeswax is just melted. Don’t overheat or you will cook out the goodness of your Rosemary.

2. Immediately pour into a wide mouthed glass jar or metal tins and leave the lids off until completely set and cool.

That’s it – so simple and so effective! Enjoy 😊

“Make it fresh & know what’s in it.”  Jennifer Sunrise


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