Pollinators in Vancouver BC

In the neighborhood of Kitsilano, Vancouver Canada. I encountered some beautiful pollinators this June. Honey bees in the abundant blackberry blossoms and the friendly Anna’s hummingbird which has recently been voted in as Vancouver’s official bird.

The Anna’s hummingbird never used to come as far north as British Columbia and when it did begin coming this far north it was just a summer visitor. As this article states, unfortunately, it is now a year round resident, much to the delight of bird watchers visiting Vancouver and locals. The unfortunate part is but it is yet another sign of climate change and global warming.

This particular Anna’s hummingbird is a female as the males have bright pink heads, whereas the females only have the pink on their throats. My camera isn’t great, but in this photo you can see a bit of the pink on her throat.


An interesting fact about this species, and another reason they are able to over winter well, is the fact that in addition to flower nectar, they are insect eaters. This trait fattens them up and makes them able to withstand the cooler temperatures over the winter months.


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